some cancerous tunours are inoperable - why?

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    Well, for one reason, they have “tentacles” reaching farther than they can dig. For another, they could be located in a spot too “iffy” to operate on……...

    If they surround certain tissue, which cannot be removed without damage to you.  Examples are nerves, or brain, etc.  Also, if they are in areas which cannot be accessed easily by surgery.  With that, they may have other non-surgical methods of control. 


    True. My daughters tumor was wrapped around a nerve. They actually had to scrape the nerve to remove the tumor. Left her with nerve sensitivity, which was better than the first diagnosis of cutting the nerve which would have left her with no more use of her right leg. It is amazing what can be done. She is blessed to have lived through it all.

    Prayers for her continued good health are on the way, Regards

    Too difficult to reach due to location cannot be operated without major risks. However, with success on mice, cold laser with PDC can kill cancer cells 100% in cancer such as bladder, breast etc. 

     Where surgical procedures would involve greater risk to the patient than other treatment options provide, then surgical options are considered inoperable or the patients needs met by other means. There are many treatment options and the AMA is not the last option authority on the subject. There are a considerable number of procedures and medications that are commonly used in other countries with a great success rate. In the US we have a long and tedious process of testing and proving all manner of treatment and medications that delay the public availability with good reason. A dangerous drug or procedure is disturbing to the public trust in medical authorities here. Treatment processes in other countries do not always follow USA-FDA guidelines. Risks increase as a result. Some countries have medical authorities who support claims of results that may or may not be true. But there many compelling examples of successful treatment also.

    If you or someone you know has inoperable cancer then there are other options in the USA and other countries.‎ 

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