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    My husband recently had to undergo emergency surgery. He had been experiencing headaches for about 12 days. The pain became so severe that he finally went to the hospital. They did a kat scan and found that he had 2 broken blood vessels in his head which was filling the space between the brain and skull with blood. The surgical procedure was drilling 2 holes on each side of his head to drain the blood and release the pressure. The doctor said that there would be a 15% chance that it would reoccur. As for the cause they said it is from a severe blow to the head, a head trauma injury. My husband has not had anything like that. Not hit, not fallen down. Nothing. When asked what other possibilities there may be, his doctor answered "probably a woman". I won't comment on that other than...the doctor has not given any insight. And my husbands headaches have started again. Someone said that is normal for the kind of surgery he had and it will take a while for them to dissipate. Has anyone heard of anything like this? Or had a doctor like that?

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    You have a strange doctor!

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    Doctors are so affaid of law suits now they don't say much. Emergency Dr.'s stick to their job's and after that it's up to the next specialist. If that is your general Dr. you should find another one asap. Sounds like he just fixed the problem not the cause.?

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