Is it right that beauty is in the eye of the beholder?

    When my eyes got the attention of the girl who is passing by, that will mean she is really beautiful. The woman's face, smile, innocence, hair, shape, legs and butt are like a lightning bolt coming in to my mind processing it all as someone beautiful as she is. That is the work sometime of a cupid who will struck the man's heart and to immediately fall in love. It is but fair that what is not beautiful to my eyes, may be beautiful to others. And the perfect one must be beautiful in and out. The beautiful and sexy one could be a monster deep inside while her intent is to eliminate you and take your soul.

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    Beauty is more than skin deep, it's what's inside.

    If you marry a beautiful woman. in a couple of years that beauty starts to change.It takes a lot of work for man or woman to keep the good looks looking good.

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