how to get the girl i want

    I like this girl and she is popular. I am not shy , but i am quit . is it such thing as a quit confident guy? i want to know what this girl wants she says im cute but im not sure.... please help and im in 9th grade

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    You ever catch her looking at you and your eyes meet? If so ask her out. It's not so tough, people do it all the time.

    I agree, if you are quiet, research some interesting things to talk to her about. Don't be pushy, if she wants to hang out with you, set it up.

    Be yourself son, because everyone can spot a "fake". If you just start with normal conversation and she gets to know you and all of your good qualities...then the rest will be easy.

    My son is very quiet... But in a mysterious way... Girls love it. I would tell him to talk to her... Smile when you see her. Tell her you are interested.

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