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    which is the most efficient to run a gas built in oven or a electric oven

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    The gas oven is far more efficient. There is a conversion loss at the powerplant - most powerplants have about 40% thermal efficiency- followed by about 15% transmission loss to the average household. This leaves the gas oven at about 3x as efficient as the electric one.

    I can tell you this if you have Alagasco nothing on gas is efficient with them it is natural gas if possible on gas propane is best because you can either rent the tank per year usually very cheap the only problem with renting the tank is you can only purchase gas from the ones you rented from if you can buy your own tank then you are able to purchase propane from any company that services your area and usually propane in July or August runs specials and lower prices on their gas and that is the best time to fill the tank up. Otherwise, I would go electricity and go on the budget billing. When I get to move from this apt. I am in now I can promise I will never ever move anywhere that has Alagasco gas or natural gas ever again.

    i think this is one area where safty is alot more important than efficiency. electric is much safer


    I don't think so. My niece placed a pan on "low" on the electric stove that came with the house when they bought it. Her husband is an electrician. They left the house for a couple of hours while it cooked on "low" and discovered it had completed burned and melted the pan and ruined their dinner. Her husband went to buy a new "GAS" stove the next day.

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