When do we get wisdom teeth?

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    How old are you?

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    wisdom teeth come in about 18 years, but the eruption time is very variable. The number of impacted wisdom teeth is increasing; this is an example of evolution as jaws are getting smaller generation by generation, also bones are thinner than our forefathers.

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    Between the ages of 16-22.

    my teeth are like stars they come out at night!!


    pretty funny, darren ... my dad wore false teeth all the time i knew him. he died when i was 24 and i never suspected a thing!

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    LOL, I understand Vinny. 2 threads for teeth? Whoops, make that 3 threads.

    I have all my own teeth. I can prove it. I can show you the recept I got when I bought them lol

    My kids had them out around age 17 or 18. I'm pretty sure I had mine out around that age as well.

    I'm 58 and have had all my teeth removed over a period of time.And the Dentist told me i never got my wisdom teeth.Doe's that make me dumb.


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    how come on your profile you are 21 years old?

    papa peg

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    I am 69 and have all my teeth and will keep them always. Everyone can keep their teeth if they eat sensibly, brush and floss and visit a dentist occasionally.

    When they grow in

    When we're ready to sink our teeth into something that is greater than ourselves. - We get wise about it.

    Here's me: When I was a teenager, I used to think, who would want someone to take their wisdom teeth out? People should want to be wise!

    Wisdom teeth begin at about 14 years. They are often taken out as early as 18 because they stretch the jawline. So, if taken out later, will cause shifting of the teeth because of the void.

    PS: Ever hear the term "summer teeth". No they are not yellow. Just sum are there, sum are gone!

    Your sister,


    i got 2 when i was pregent with my first child and 2 with my second child so around your twentys

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