How soon after prostrate cancer diagnosis (Gleason 7) is surgery advised

    6/24 - pathology report of 4 + 3
    6/30 - Bone Scan @ Radiology Associates

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    Well your oncologist is the only one who can give a definitive answer to that one.

    I would caution you against taking advise, no matter how well intended , from non medical people.

    My wife was diagnosed with cancer and within a week she was on chemo. After nine weeks she had major major surgery. I emphasised "major" as she had her entire stomach removed.


    sorry to hear his peoplelover hope she is recovering now x

    I cannot believe how great her recovery has been. She was overweight and now has lost over 30kgs and looks great.
    She is away in Townsville visiting our son, she drove up with one of her girl friends . It is a two day drive.

    I thank you for your thoughtfulness.

    Where in the Uk are you?

    Wish your Dear wife all luck in world for the future, God bless her.

    Thank you Dollybird.
    I would speak to your surgeon on this matter and if you get time there is free 1 hour consultation he is a top guy and he is Florida USA dont know his name but few British men have been over and all have been cured look at the internet good luck
    Talk it over with your Dr. and learn all you can about the disease and treatment options, I had the surgery almost 10yrs ago and thanks to god all is well today Please keep a positive attitute and things will be ok for you

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