Beware of the climate change liars. Did you know that Australians are going to be charged per family $2000 or more for non existant global warming?

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    Can the people rally and force this to not go through?

    There is a big rally in Sydney today. But she's not going to listen to anyone, just like John Howard. He took no notice of what the people wanted. He of course even lost his seat. I think she will lose her seat too. I don't know what's wrong with politicians.

    They're all greedy a$$ holes.

    second that

    The problem is what I stated on another stream , the labor party is only in power because the Greens gave their preferences to Labor and a couple of independants did likwise or should I say agreed to support Labor if they got power.

    To get the Greens to let the Labor party get power the labor party had to sing the Greenies song and we are just getting to the chorus.

    Julia Gillard said "No carbon tax in her government" "Oh goody said the Greens" Now Julia Gillard introduces a tax calls it a tax then decides it is not a tax it is a "charge"@&^%$#(*&+@ A TAX IS A @#&^%$(_+)$# TAX. I don`t give a shit what name you give it.

    Sounds like you guys are hooped for the time being until you can get them out of power. I guess every country, no matter the set up of the government has to deal with crooks. It's sad that we can't get honest leaders.
    Yeah like that's gunna fix anything anyway.According to the poles Juliar is out in Qld,Hope it's not too late by election day.Just another piss poor excuse for a money grab.

    It's a lot of money of which I cannot afford. I'd like to see a vote of no confidence and another election. Just like whitlam.

    A double dissolution? Might work,It's up to the GG tho.

    But the GG has ties to the labour party.

    I don`t think Quentin Bryce is stupid, she was Governer of Queensland before becoming the Governor General.

    Trouble is people have short memories. I have no allegance to any party but for years now Labor has run up a huge deficit, the Coallition has got us back in surplus, labor gets us back in defficet, this cycle has run for 20 years or more.

    Whether you liked John howard is beside the point . His government handed a massive surplus to the new Labor government who pissed it against the wall and in 12mths we were back in deficit

    I have to agree PL.I think "Little Johnny" did a good job.
    While I don't know about the situation you mention in Australia, most scientists believe that global warming is a very real phenomenon.

    No, they don't. There is a website with about thirty-thousand scientist signatures. They say there is no global warming. And there is an Astro-Physicist who says it's the sun.
    Ms Sinclair

    I don't see anything on the website you mentioned referring to 30 thousand scientist's signatures. Just because a relative few scientists claim that climate change does not exist does not mean that it doesn't. I suggest you check out the following:
    Julia is a backstabber and will remain one!

    Yeah, she did the night of the long knives on Kevin. I felt sorry for Kevin Rudd.

    I agree with optimistic but I don't particularly feel too sorry for krudd.I think there has to be better PM material out there.

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