What is the most effective method for ridding yard of snakes?

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    As a Aussie, which I am it is nigh impossible if you are in a snake area. Only advice is keep the grass around the house well mowed, this will at least let you see them. Make sure there are no sources of drinking water near you house, bird baths etc. In the area where I live snakes are regularly found in bath rooms and toilets looking for water. May be there is somewhere you can put a source of water well away. this is good on acerage keep the buggers away from you. If you don`t know a red bellied black from a carpet python give them all a wide berth the only time they will go for you is if you scare them or get in the way of their escape route. basicaly they are not agresive. I know, I know you hear of tiger snakes and eastern browns chasing 'A BLOKE I KNEW" I have been in the bush, in thr city seen and in the past before they were protected killed dozens and not once have I been "attacked" Leave them alone they will leave you alone. Hope this helps , what area are you?


    I went to Australia in 2000, wifes' cousin was a headmaster at a bush school. My daughter and I were teachers and we were shocked at the sign on the elementary school play yard gate about snake safety! The cousin said that they remove some each year, and bad ones. Most move on when kids come out to yard.

    Hey, don't give all snakes a bad rep! I have a pet ball python named Earl...have had him for 10 years..he's very cool and a slithery, seriously snakes are cool just obviously not the poisonous ones! (:


    What about the one eyed trouser snake ole hipster?

    maybe some ladders might do the trick?

    move to new zealand or ireland

    Buy a MONGOOSE


    hey tsc ,i thought you were joking..!! there are no mongoose's in australia.thought you ment moose - as is big horse/cow /deer sized creaure , and it would stomp around killing them---thanks to wiki i now stand corrected , i am off to wipe the egg of my face . cheers

    I put moth balls around places where I don't want them. Other people use them here too. Seems to work for us. The smell isn't bad if you don't overdue it and it fades in a couple of days.


    A clear open yerd will do it. Snakes do not like being seen. Keep mice and such away, they draw snakes. The old timers in the south used to keep every sprig of grass hoed away so as to see the snakes. Avoid thick bushes and all that. It draws mice and then snakes. Also watch about lots of frogs and toads in the yard because snakes like them too.


    Put them in your neighbor's yard.

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