How much are you overweight, given your bone mass and height? Honest people only.

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    I am well balanced!

    how exactly ?

    I like my height and work's for me!
    I generally don't pay attention to my weight, but I'm up to 215, which for me is a bit too much. I'm 6'-1".Should be 200.
    about 8and half stone due to medication making me hungry all the while
    ed shank

    We weigh by pounds. How many rocks?

    (8x14) + 7 = pounds
    ed shank

    Interesting, thank you.

    For bipolar I have to take sodium valporate or epilim is its other name I see noone else has been as honest

    Because its winter time in Australia i have gained a few pounds or kilos as we call it.Tend to eat comfort foods when its cold.I know i will regret it when summer comes.

    ed shank

    I could eat a horse in the winter, none stop eating as I watch the temps hover around zero. Spring is always hell as I try to trim down again.

    Yep...i have the same problem.

    eat fruit, for goodness sake...
    6' 170# of pure beauty.............. With my head
    ed shank

    Pssst, A couple women here told me they want your body. Don't tell them I told you.
    ed shank

    Pssst, A couple women here told me they want your body. Don't tell them I told you.
    Headless Man

    Sorry I'm not done with it, might loan them my head for a couple days, it's kinda
    Iampamila...Does that mean your Head is the same weight as your
    ed shank

    I can't wait for this response.

    my head, used for thinking. my feet, made for walking. yes, well-balanced!
    ed shank

    A Greek Goddess no doubt.

    Thanks, ed!
    5 foot 9 inches 185 lbs would like to lose about 15 lbs.
    I'm right where I should be, though I have lost a little size in muscle not being to the gym for a while. I need to go get my pump back on. Pump it up Arnold.

    pumping too much was Arnold's problem...he gain in all the wrong places. lol!

    Listen to me now and hear me later, form saturday night night live.Lol.
    I am about 7 lb over. Not too bad.
    ed shank

    Beer no doubt.

    Choc..Tea total
    I have lost about 22 pounds and I want to lose about 30 more. I let myself go after my last pregnancy and I feel lousy at this weight, it's just to much for me. Everything is harder to do and it's depressing. So it's time to s**t or get off the pot. I think 30 more pounds would bring me back to a more manageable weight. At this point that is how over weight I think I am.
    ed shank

    My wife had difficulty as well after she had our son. She did make an effort to lose it and eventually she was back to her prior weight. Hang in there, you'll look like the doll you were before the little one showed up.

    Thanks Ed, I am just gonna take it day by day. I go up and then down, but I have faith I will get there eventually.
    I am 5 feet 4 1/2" and I weigh, wait for the drum roll... I weigh 8 stone 8 lbs. Slim indeed. I've been the same weight since I was in my teens! Ha!
    I'm overweight by 1.5 with muscles! ;-)
    ed shank

    Compared to some others my age, I'm actually reasonably fit. My hobby keeps me in descent shape.
    Accorcing to the chart, I am where I need to be.
    However, looking in my bathroom mirror after a shower, I disagree.
    ed shank

    I got no magic mirrors in my house either.

    Think it best to keep the lights off in the B.R. and have a small candle lit so I will not run into the door or wall. After all these years I should be able to dry myself with a towel with out a light:)

    Most of us are way more critical of our own bodies or looks than our better halves are.

    I hope I am well balanced like Pamela.



    Not quite there, keep working on it. lol!

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