Back door wont open in my mark 2 laguna

    Jammed fast and will not open.

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    2 Answers

    Does it have child protection on it? If so, there is a switch inside the door, if you can get it open, that you can turn off. Otherwise, maybe the door handle/lock mechanism is stuck or broke. Try getting a friend to hold the door handle down, as if you were going to open the door, then you lay down in the back seat and try to kick the door open by the opening. Otherwise, take the inside door panel off and see what is going on.
    Hello and thanks,
    trouble is the handle doesn't go down,only pulls sideways. Yes there is a childlock ,it is on the drivers door though ! Impossible to take all of panel cover off. Will put docs on and have a go at kicking ! at least will help with my frustration !!
    Thanks .

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