How do I Copyright my Song?

    I wrote the lyrics and the music. How do I copyright it?

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    As long as you don't sell your rights as an author, you automatically have the copyright of your song. If you want to protect it from theft, there are several ways to do it.

    a) Send the material to yourself by registered mail and do not open it unless you stand before the judge who directs the trial over the copyright of your song (This is not always accepted as proof, though).
    b) Register it with a lawyer (costly)
    c) Send it to the Library of Congress. This may be one of the most accessible solutions.

    None of the above is 100% effective, depending on the specific case. Unfortunately, songthieves often have good probabitities of getting away with their deeds.

    I recommend you the following literature: "6 Steps To Sonwriting Success" by Jason Blume. This book does not specialize in copyright matters, but parts of it are dedicated to this topic. In total, the book gives you a comprehensive look at all steps to follow if you want to become a successful songwriter: from writing the song to marketing it.

    Best wishes,

    Good luck,

    Hi Brian,

    In the footer of your copy put:

    Copyright ? Brian Hawk 2011. All rights reserved

    Now the symbol should be the copyright sign which is a c in a circle. but copy and paste to this site has distorted it.

    If you like you can add.
    'No permission is given to copy by electronic or any other means without written permision.'

    If you think its a really good song date sign and file a copy with your legal representative.
    He/she can then act for you in the event of breach of copyright.

    Hope you have success.
    Taz Bestway

    For some reason, I was thinking of trademark services, but you need copyright services which can take between 3 and 11 months. Doesn't happen overnight.

    Fees are about $35.00

    your sister,

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