how do i get a scorce mark out of my couch arm

    My couch is micro fiber material i used my iron on it to iron a item it scorced my sofa arm

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    Q: Is there any way to repair a cigarette burn in ultra suede or micro-fiber?
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    A: This site has a fabric upholstery repair kit.
    Always Something Brilliant, 6750 East 46th Avenue Drive, Denver CO 80216

    Fabric Upholstery Repair Kit
    Cars, office chairs, family room furniture & more.

    # No matter how large the damage, patented process repairs rips, burns and holes in fabric upholstery. No extra piece of material needed.
    # Kit comes with 7 fabric fiber colors, fabric adhesive, spatula, mixing bottle, screen applicator, color mix chart and complete instructions.
    # Just fill damaged spot with clear adhesive. Apply color fibers to applicator, lay over adhesive and move gently to disperse color fabric fibers. Now let repair dry then spray with bonding adhesive.
    # That's it. Colors match nearly any fabric. With a little practice, you can match plaids, patterns & designs.

    This product is


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