How often should I check my car breaks?

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    If your car has breaks you should get them fixed pronto. If.,on the other hand you are concerned with the "brakes" of your car get them checked at least every 10,000 ks or when you get a full service. The following serious answer are worth reading.

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    Have your brake fluid check when you have your oil changed. Brake pads when your tires are rotated. Rotures when you rotate and get a new tire mount. If your are seeing an excesive amount of brake dust build up on your wheels or rims.

    Turn your radio and heater off and close all your windows. Be totally quiet. Now drive your car at a very slow speed in a parking lot or low traffic street. Drive 10/15 miles and hour then apply your brakes VERY SLOWLY. If you hear any kind of GRINDING sound you need brakes.


    LOL... that is just like me... forget the obvious. ;)


    You had a good answer too Jenn.

    WE have state inspection once a year.And i have them checked for inspection.

    Regularly - but check your spelling first!

    Every time you put your foot down. If it keeps going, get out Pronto.            Avram

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