How can you be religious?

    If you are born to a Christian family, then you're Christian. If you're born to a Muslim family so you end up being Muslim. If you're born in India and raised to believe in Ganesh the half-human, half-elephant god, then you believe in him.
    How could you possibly believe that your own religion is the one which is right and all others are wrong?
    Isn't it just a matter of who brain-wash your mind when you're little?

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    I choose to believe the Bible and the teachings of Jesus the son of GOD. Your not born into it it is a choice you have to make.

    True Christianity is not a religion, but a relationship with Jesus, whose Spirit resides in all believers. It doesn't matter what country you are born in or family tradition. All will have the opportuntity to believe in Jesus, or not, at some point.

    There is not but "Religion in all the Universe, in all the Existence, when one understands the meaning of the word "Religion" itself. As all words have their ultimate cause. Religion means to unite with the Good; or to return to the source Traditions are not Religion, but pathways to it, as it is the Goal. Sadly by lack of understanding the professors of traditions have dragged the word down to mean tradition calling it "their" religion. Therefore there is no such thing as a religious war! This is ludicrous as it is traditions that fight, declaring there is only one way to the top of the moutian and it is theirs. Indeed, the true goal is ever inward and upward; heart and mind. Let them hear (heart) it who can, let them receive (mind)it who can now in this time and in this place wherein the shadow seeks for the Light.


    Correction: There is not but ONE Religion in all the Universe . . etc etc and so forth . .

    As you believe, so shall it be. Religion is a political tool.

    Good question. I've always wondered same.

    That's why several religions (Christian and
    Jewish, for example) ask an "adult" person
    if he/she now accepts the teachings and
    consecrations put upon him/her as a child.
    Often, this is done around age 12, which is
    not old enough.
    I figure that The Great Creator is going
    to forgive anyone who never had a chance
    to learn about "the correct religion".

    hello this is james moon, here is my opnieon for that, i think there is many or lot of deferan type religion. but there is only one creator we have, that means only one god is we have diffrent type of followers, i think dont matter what type of you have, we just bleve whatever you have, and you dont need to looking for other peoples religion is right or wrong,because religion life is not for compair to others, if im right, i think you must trying to find god in your inside, not someone,just keep trying fiend inside your mined. ^^

    brian hawk

    The problems begins when each religion thinks it's the only right now and try to kill the "infidels" who another religion is right.

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