Which game is the most popular on Facebook?

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    I have found it is CityVille now, which have recently passed FarmVille. Thanks for all the answers.

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    I am addicted to Wheel of Furtune and Family Fued... But that is just me

    Farmville I believe.

    well as i see crime city is a pouplar game
    cuz my firends r like it and they always play it

    Backyard Monsters!

    Hate anything with VILLE on the end of it, love bingo. Legs 11, 2 fat ducks, 21 key to the door, 69, BINGO!!!!!

    Personally I love solitaire and all the other card games..............but I do believe its those building your own farm/city etc type games that are the most popular.......

    Yes all my friends play Farmville.

    Farmville is my guess.

    as i see crime city is pouplar game cuz ever time my firend like to play it

    facebook is the most popular I'm sure

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