Is it a bad thing if you like two guys at the time time?

    okay look i have a boyfriend but at the same time i like this other boy that works with me idk wat should i do?

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    Looks to me that its end of the ride for boyfriend #1.. Not cool dragging him along for the ride..

    Actually, you come across as very young but working age, why do you need a 'steady' anyway?? Date em both and have no commitments, go out on dates with a couple more! The more the merrier, once you commit to one the others gotta go away.. Think about that.
    it could be bad if they both like you at the same time..

    daren1 - did I TD you again - if so, I'll slap myself silly and give you TU's later
    You should tell us how do you make love with two guy? Hmm!I think one them will kick the shit out of other guy then your problem will
    be over.

    did you tell the guy that the guy,hit the guy,in the eye.
    I Do...My two sons
    I like many of my clients, but i love my wife. There really is nothing wrong with having friends of the opposite sex .... providing it is just that .... good friends.

    Maz.. that pink little gravatar has always made me think you were a girl.. Sorry.. I am commenting your sex to memoery now.

    Hi Jenn, no problem at all! Yes the pink gravatar is probally confusing lol. I will have to change it to something more manly! ... Yes the last time i looked i was still 100% male ... lol x.
    It's OK to date different guys at the same time as long as you don't commit yourself to one and string the others along. Don't start sleeping around either. Your reputation will follow you your whole life. Just think about High School reunions and stuff like that. What will people remember about you? That you were the "run around" or that you were always the nicest girl. You sound young but mature enough to know what's good for you. Why don't you hang out with groups. Boys and girls. It's fun and flirty at the same time. It keeps the guys wondering. And it keeps you safe with your girlfriends.
    If you are a guy, then yes. Triangle relationships never work out.
    be carfull there are a lot of players out there don,t give yourself to someone who know how to talk nice and make you feel good at work it sometimes dificult to say no and go home to your old boyfriend but ask yourself what will you loose if your answer is nothing tthen go for it, also dont forget your selfrespect good luck
    Its not a bad thing if you like 2 guys at the same time.But work out where your priorities and loyalty lie between the 2 before entering a sexual relationship .In other words choose only one partner,as you dont want your morals to be out of place.
    Having a Plan B isn't ALWAYS the smart thing to have.;-)
    You can control how you feel all of the time.. But you can control how you act on those feelings.
    It's OK to "LIKE".Probably not as cool to "LOVE" 2 guys.
    For instance I love my wife dearly.I like Colleen & Jenn & probably a couple of other females I have met on this forum.
    sooner Or later you will be forced to choose which one to like & which one to love.:)
    No, it's not. As long as you're not married to one of them, you can like anyone you want. You sound young, but that's what happended to me when I was in my 30s. The guy who I was dating, ,who I really liked....said about 2 weeks after we met, he said,'' I don't want any involvement , or a committment, so I think you should date others, and I will too, and we can still date each other.'' So, I dated another guy who I got fairly serious with, but was not in love with; as I was with the 1st guy. So, that went on and off for 8 years! And it was hard. But, I finally found my husband----NO, it was neither of them.

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