What does it mean on lab results if positive ANA

    Antinuclear antibody test results positve

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    If you have been tested for Lupus it may be a indication that you may have this. It does not necessarily mean you do. It is just an indicator. In my case I have psoriatic arthritis. It may just suggest you have a predisposition to arthritis. You should see your medical practitioner. The indicators may be so low that it is not a problem at all. It means your immune system is more active than it should be and you may also have some mutated cells. Eother way see your doctor and get him to explain this to you.
    queenie; i think you got a good answer from ablast. i have a question for you? how did you happen to have an ANA reading on your blood work. i have a very high reading and went through a million tests to find out if i had lupus. i probably don't but it takes a long time to get a diagnosis - 7 years! the reason i had the ANA test is that i checked the ANA area on my doctor's orders. my doctor wasn't too happy with me annd i sure paid for checking that luttle box. good luck.

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