What great ski resorts are found in the East Coast?

    For a beginner skier

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    3 Answers

    For beginners the top 2 are Bretton Woods resort, NH then Sunday River resort in Maine. Other top resorts are Smugglers' Notch and Stowe resorts in Vermont as well as Lake Placid in NY.

    Depends where you are and how far you plan to travel. There are great beginner to intermediate to expert areas from North Carolina to West Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania. New England has some of the best areas in Vermont and New Hampshire, as does Maine and New York State. Shoeshoe is the best south of the Mason/Dixon line in West Virginia. Elk Mtn. outside Scranton, PA is great. Kilington in Vermont is huge. Wildcat, opposite Mt. Washington in New Hampshire is excellent and Sugarloaf is Maine's best.

    Sunday River in Bethel Maine is the best. Just a long drive if you are coming from say New York. Lots of Snow, a really nice small New England town, not a giant resort, which is nice.

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