wie sind die widerstandskaempfer im dritten reich auf gewachsen und wie ist hitler aufgewachsen , was machte hitler so hass und zerstoerisch und warum haben die geschwister scholl die luegen und parollen des dritten reiches durchblicken koennen

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    Wir k?nnen nicht beantworten Ihre Fragen auf dieser Website.

    I agree. The Question is about Hitler .

    I don't know enough about this subject to answer the question. If someone else wants to take a shot at it be my guest.

    i try to write in english the best i can because the translation is not the best what i like to know what kind of parents hitler had what made him so destructive and so hateful it interest me from padagogischen few,hitler was once a child too and can we not talk of any kind of subject ,by not talk about did it not exist

    Hitler was a bright and intelligent child and was still the same into his early 20's. He was popular and had many friends and was well loved. He began to change once he started researching the different religions of the world. He got caught up in them and began to confuse them, this is where his insanity began. From that he started seeing in his own mind that God intended for mankind to be a master race, hence the agenda he created to rid the world of what he considered to be unclean beings according to the religions he had studied. Read the religious books (all of them, because he did) and see where each of them point out human beings that, according to their beliefs, are not one with God. They are the unchosen ones, the hell bound ones, the offensive ones to God. These are the people Hitler took it apon himself to rid the world of in order to have only a master race of people that God would accepted. Do not blame his parents for his insanity. Blame religion and an unstable mind that was confused by so many off kilter religious teachings, each of them promoting some level of hate for those they do not accept as righteous or worthy of God.

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