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    There is a website called Black dog, for depression and pain, but you may also enqiure at your doctors about an anti-depressant medication, there are some very effective ones available, but maybe also ask for a referral to a physcologist  and see if there is something causing you to feel depressed, I went to a couple but found I am unable to change circumstance and medication helps.

    Perhaps you should set up an appointment to talk with a counselor and sort out why...and then they could refer you to someone if the need be.
    Are you depressed? Why?

    Go to a mental health / behavioral health facility right away. Don’t bother with an appointment  just go and don’t leave until they take care of you.

    Seek out the help of your doctor. There is no need for anyone to be depressed, there is help.

    Best of luck to you.

    all good answers,hope you get the help you need and feel more yourself very soon.Take care x

    Best of luck to you.

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