what is a good type of job for people that can't work with other people ?

    My g.friend can't work in any job where there's co -workers, b/c she can't stand any of em b/c she says they're rude, ignore her, treat her like an little child. She can't be self--employed, b/c she needs health insurance, and she doesn't have the skills that lead to self-employment.

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    She needs to lean how to work with others, the problem is not the other people, its her 100%. She needs to back off and fit in. If she would concentrate on her job and not the people around her she would do much better. You need to tell her to let people be who they are and ignore her inner feelings about people, she works for the company that hired her, she is not a personnel manager.

    Sorry for the straight forward answer but I have been in the business of hiring for over 40 years, this is not something new..

    great answer, i am 56 years old and i stil try what you wrote, but i am honest is so dificult to do, if you like to be a warm and understanding person and dont like to go to work like i am a roboter with no feelings and feelings to other person

    I agree with you 100% Vinny. This is an attitude problem with her and not other people.

    very well put,Vinny. Thanks. I'll discuss it with her.
    funeral home helper - behind the scenes, hair, makeup, getting them dressed. They won't talk back or anything.
    I would think it would be a great incentive to learn the skills to operate more independently. Myself, I get along with people well. But, in driving a truck, you just do what you have to do, see lots of places...and get paid to do it. In the cab of a truck you can call anyone that cuts you off, just about anything you want...and I usually do! No stress, no mess...I just keep the pay checks coming!

    PS. I have saw some pretty good women truck drivers too! Some who would back a trailer truck around another truck and right up to a loading dock in one pass. My wife on the other hand, she only uses a mirror for cosmetics. In reverse, the lady simply makes me cringe...while I try to stay focussed on reading something I've brought along instead!
    country bumpkin

    Shoota: Ive always wanted to be a truck driver but I can't parallel park. LOL What an awesome job you have!!

    Even a truck driver has to deal with people. Everyone's attitudes come out in their driving. On the highway with a bunch of 4wheelers driving in their own manner all round you causing you the stress of having to avoid them is no different than being in a packed office dealing with other personalities.

    "Some who would back a trailer truck around another truck and right up to a loading dock in one pass."

    You've seen me back a trailer? When? Actually I am damn good at backing them into the most ridiculous places. I'd love to know who designs the access to some loading docks out there. I'd want to smack them upside the head.

    Sure there are things to stress you out on the road...but it's not personal, it just goes with the job. In an office, it's a whole different thing, and you have to deal with the same people day after day. On the road, you at least get a change of who you are dealing with...that's a huge difference.

    they must be designed by a man. LOL
    How about cleaning houses and taking in ironing? She doesn't need big business skills for that.

    If she is animal lover, take peoples dogs for walks.

    Yes, that's a good idea too.
    Maybe she is bipolar. Most untreated bipolars cannot get along with co workers, and end up going job to job.

    h-h-hm-m-m- I never thought about that.
    Work with animals, they won't talk back. They might bite you though. Animals are very good judges of people. That's one way to find out if it is her or her co workers.
    bartender.. no one gets along in any bar i know of..
    Light house Keeper.Preferably in the North Sea!

    They don't have light house keepers anymore, b/c it's all electronic.....but I see your point.
    There is no perfect job for such a person. Mental health is an issue here. Should seek counseling for why she thinks she is better than those she works with. Don't EVEN say that she doesn't feel that way. A superiority complex is on of the most difficult mental issues to overcome.

    She claims she has a low self esteem and that coworkers aren't helping her any by being mean and rude. I encountered that too with co workers, but I stayed on the job and didn't quit every job like she does.
    ed shank

    Again there's a mental issue here. Let it be low self esteem. Since when are coworkers supposed to be helpful? Since when are coworkers not rude at times? Your friend is thin skinned and it's time to toughen up. P.S. I generally don't TD anyone unless they do or say something disgusting, not for an opinion that I disagree with. Enough said.

    I didn't thumbs down you for saying that she thinks she is better than anybody else. If you were TD ed, then it's aol's fault.
    Yes, I do know that she has mental issues. She has told me she needs anti depressants and anti axieity drugs. But, without health ins, she can't afford them. She was on mediaid for a little while. She just quit another part-time job. She still works Fri--Mon at her other part time job.
    ed shank

    Don't sweat the TD. I do hope your friend will find something suitable. I did not realize she had issues.
    Write a book!

    good answer Pamela

    Thanks, Mel!

    Why did you vote me down? Just because you don't agree with my answer does not mean you vote down, dear. Sorry Pamela, this was meant for melandrupet.

    I don't know who's voting who's not me.
    delivery person -ups toll booth op.

    It's hard to get unemployment or on S S I , or on disability

    Don't worry MyCatsmom, i was referring to all the 'dole bludgers out there sucking the welfare system dry.
    Maybe find a job she can do from the home. There are several options available to the disabled as well as the someone unable to work with others.
    Weather station in northern Alaska
    I know how your friend feels....some days people just seem to p**s you off,especially if your not in a good mood,could be a lot to do with her moods,so yeah i agree with FFs answer.

    She could be a Parking Meter Maid.

    Is her name Rita ?

    Prime Minister (Australia)

    A flag pole sitter.

    street sweeper, garbage collector, grass cutter,dishwasher, etc

    Car- --those are all good answers. In fact, every answer on here was good
    I think maybe bi polar disorder I have a relative that can't get along with people that BPD

    that's possible
    see the "will i hit the lottery?"

    Do they still have medical transcriptionists? Someone to go in and enter doctors notes into a computer.or any kind of Data entry. Be a bank examiner, no one likes them but they are to scared to argue with them

    ....House or Senate ?

    Ditch digger.


    how 'bout grave digger ?

    Study to be a mortician.

    Outback Australia droving camp..Solitude..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..Related image

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