Sorry about this Q... My two poms...

    On a boy and one a girl, bro and sis.. He keeps trying to hump her.. How do I stop him. He cant be fixed for another 2 and a half weeks... She weights 2 lbs it is freaking me out. My last Pom died at the vets, she is beinfg very carefull with these puppies.. She wont fix my girl ontil she is 3 lbs, and she wont fix either of them until they are 6 mo... The poor vet was tramatized when Sookie died.

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    LOL, you can only tell him no and move him away from her. Do it enough and he'll learn it's not accepted behavior. He's young enough you should be able to break him of it.
    This is Mother Nature speaking to him. There is probably no way to discourage him. Just keep an watchful eye on him and pray that the next couple of weeks goes by fast.
    scold me then turn right around with a dog humping quetion.god rest his soul my grand daddy would say that girl just aint right lol

    Me??? WHy What did I say?

    you are confusing me jumping threads

    My bad...I went to find where i scolded you at... I think it was the salami comment on good things to do on a rainy night.... You are adorable.
    Sounds more like an Aussie than a Pom.

    How long have you been doing the mindreading thing nomdeplume? As soon as I saw the question I thought just that , must be a blue healer not a pom.

    Sorry folks, a dog is a dog is a dog. Doesn't matter what breed - just that he has a penis!

    PL, I can't claim to be a mind-reader, my wife's mind is a total mystery to me.
    sorry, what is a 'blue healer'?

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