Do you believe in Satan ?

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    I beleive in the fallen angel. The one that tempted Adam and Eve.. The one that tempted JEsus. But I dont belive in the superstition.
    Yes...he is sitting right on my shoulder now,telling me to light up another cigarette.

    haha...don't listen though...listen to the good angel on your other shoulder...he knows best.
    He's somewhere on this site, pretending to be a follower of Jesus.
    Please don't dis the Satan, He's the only excuse I have for when I screw up..

    "The devil made me do it.."
    SATAN is real but he is not wearing red. the red cape nor shirt nor pant nor carry a pitch fork this is just myth! when he takes human form he walks around he looks like an ordinary man not the bogey man!

    Thank you for the thumb ups
    i beleive he exsists, i do not beleive in him

    How does this make sense? Do you mean he exists only in the minds of the scared but you're not scared so you don't believe in him?

    something like that......i never gave it that much thought, i'm not scared of anything.
    Yes I believe he exists.
    i dont believe in the cartoon red man i believe in the opposite of every thing good in this universe pure evil
    yes he exists he is a fallen angel...
    I believe in the evil spirits, not in cartoonic way, but as good spirit vs bad(evil) spirit.
    I think it's been confirmed from all the discussions here that only atheists and myself do not believe in the cartoon red man. That means everyone else does :)
    I think there is saten but its not how we presive to this remeber elvi presley your devil in disguise yes he hit on the head
    He was created by God. How bad can that make him?

    but he was kicked out of heaven, b/c he was trying to take over for God

    Since God created satan and God knows everything,what you're really saying is that God messed up. I guess he DOESN'T know it all.

    Satan will never have any power over God

    Digger, what is so wonderful about God is the freedom he gives with our emotions,he is not a puppeteer,Satan was greedy and allowed his emotions to get the best of him,for that reason he was cast out of heaven,SATAN messed up,because GOD is still GOD,and he still reigns in heaven,he never messes up.
    I DO :D

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