I want to buy products that are made in USA, I saw on TV that there is still companies holding out from T shirts, to light bulbs..I would like a list so I can buy directly or find stores that carry these products..Walmart does not have these..they deal with China not USA.

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    I guess you could buy a hamburger from McDonald's - But I'm not sure where they get the cattle.

    We make great bottled water but the bottles are from China. :(

    Oh yeah!! Guns!! You like guns?? Smith and Wesson, Colt, Browning, Ruger, to name a few.. I think the bullets are from China though. :(

    Ok... How about a Harley Davidson?? Although I think they forge pistons and electronics is from China.. :(

    I guess as i think of it.. Apple Pie, that's about it, the Chinese hasn't take our apple pie manufacturing..

    Would you pay twice the price for American made products? Most people wouldn't. Talk is cheap. Just how much of a premium would you pay ? (in %)
    there are lots of stores online who only sell american items, If every person in this country spent 1% more on american items it would employ 250,000 more people. We sold out to foreign cause its cheaper and now we are paying for it. I own an american truck, car, motorcycle, airplain, If you buy a jap or china car and dont have a job look in the mirror. what goes around comes around. Im not saying all we make is better but its not worst either. every thing I buy I look where it is made.
    I have answered your other question already.
    As a Farrier here in the UK i buy may quality tools & many are from the USA. Diamond & GE tools that i use are made in the USA are very expensive but top quality.

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