find companies in USA that produce items not made in China or anyother nation

    I'm tiered of buying products that was made here now taken outsourcing. Where can I find a list of these companies.

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    In Australia we have a booklet Ausbuy that lists a lot of "stuff" made in OZ but I think it is getting thinner by the day.

    I mentioned on this site weeks ago what happens when the current provider spits the dummy (made in China presumably)and cuts our supply or puts prices up?

    I did not get much of a reaction.

    i think you are 100% correct on this

    WEll I am not big on conspiracy theories BUT one could be forgiven for wondering 50 years hence.

    WELL you will now.
    Here's a good place to start:

    If you Google "made in America" preceded by the item you are looking to buy, you may find just what you want also.
    IM withya i tried when i bought my tractor but all the us brands under 50hp 4wd had korean or indian engines so i bought a jap tractor with the engine made by the same company it hurt but could not help it
    HA.. good luck with that one
    Oh & forgot to mention the Californian wines (not made in China!) - excellent!
    Diamond & GE are some of the finest farrier's tools in the world - Made in the USA.

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