Good to do on a rainy night?

    It has been raining more lately, THANK GOD!!!! My kids and I have been working on a rediculously hard puzzle. We have been baking and playing cards.. I am trying to keep them for mthe TV and Playstations. Not to mention I like the little buggers and want to spend time with them... Tonight we played badmitten inside with our hands as rackets... So when I ask "got any ideas"... I am up for anything. SO.... Got any ideas for a rainy day/night.

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    Bake cookies together, play board games, have a candle light Bible study, hold a family meeting, and I suppose there are to many to list. So let me give one of my standard answers to you Jenn. Check out these sites...

    How to Have Fun Things to do on Rainy Days with your Children ...
    No more boring rainy days for your children! Rainy days don't have to be boring for children; there are many fun things to do on a rainy day with a little imagination ... - Cached
    4 Things to Do on a Rainy Day with Your Kids - Associated ...
    4 fun things to do with your kids on a rainy day ... Just because it is a rainy day, it doesn't mean the whole day has to be ruined. - Cached
    A Kids Frugal Guide to Rainy Day Fun: 40 Things To Do ...
    A Kids Frugal Guide to Rainy Day Fun: 40 Things To Do. by Nicole Humphrey | More from this Blogger ... Build a tent in your room and pretend your camping in the rain; Do a word ... -

    Let me know which suggestions you really like.

    One popped out at me.. Build a tent... We did thatt last week.. But Iremember my tents as a child being so huge and elaberate... I guess time and size changes the way you looks at the world.

    I used to love to camp out in the backyard. I also used to build tents in the house out of blankets, sheets, and pillows. Yes I visited my old house I grew up in and my bedroom shrank, or did I grow? Either way it's strange.
    snuggle up with your husband

    We all crawl into bed and give him night night sugar.. But he goes to bed very early. I got my snuggle on when I go to bed later at night... Awww. My Warm Safe Place.. There is nowhere like it in the world.

    rainy night in Georgia has it's benefit's...

    Honey a Rainy night is GA is amazing... I dont know of anywhere in the US that the rain is such sweat music.

    I can hear the rain against my window...have a great night with your husband. :-)

    Will do... Lots of Love!

    rainy night in Georgia sounds great when ray Charles sang it man of soul
    Do you have trivial pursuit or monopoly? they are fun board games

    we have pictionary.. TP sounds fun

    Thank you for the thumb up and it is fun to play trivial pursuit
    It's been raining here in Virginia for the last couple of days, my wife and I LOVED to CUDDLE !!!!

    I bet you are a good cuddle bug.. you just seem in touch with your smooshy side.

    Yes I'm a VERY GOOD cuddle bug, I love to cuddle. I'm a very lovable guy. LOL !!

    Ah spaceghost thats really nice you are real softie x
    You could go out and "[dance in the rain}" you know the song,don't forget the bikini.we all be watching [wow]

    We do that in the spring when there is no thunder and lighting. We have a tradition of playing in the first shower of Spring.. Our nieghbors know we are nuts.. We have been here for 14 yrs.
    sounds like u have some great ideas of your own jenn.
    be with your partner and my animals

    Are you sending me your animals???

    hey jenn two of them would love to come over as they love kids as the kids (4) of them come in next door and play with the cats the kids build them Dens and the cats love this so when do you need them!xx
    play wheel barrel or hide the salami

    With ny kids??? you are F$^&ED up!

    sorry about that did not read the whole ? just some of the other answers

    After I take a bath and wash the creepy off.. I will forgive you... LOL

    thanks ill read further next time i promise

    Bahahaha!!! ROFL!!! Oh I see.. Do as I say not as I do.... Your G.father would be right on the money.. I aint right... LOL
    tell scarey ghost stories.. (nothing to scarey)

    I dont know any... You know any you wanna share?

    scariest thing i see is the electric bill

    BAhahahaha... Mine is my phone bill it is also Direct TV.. Yikes

    funny i just cancelled direct yesterday $145 a month and nothings on!!
    wash your cholthes outside,the car,take a shower,bathe the dogs,all the is a little extra work,but you can save on your water

    Not in GA... The yare thunder storms with wicked lighting.. But sounds fun.

    oh yuky for you,guess you just have to contend with high water bill....sorry.........

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