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    is there such a thing as " free virus removal"?

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    yes" trend micro housecalls" or" housecalls trend micro" its sbsolatly free it scans as well as fixes any and all viruses, cookies ect i use it often good luck

    There are free software downloads by companies that produce them. You can check for info or try Mcaff, AVG or Norton. I use the last two, they are free. Hope this helps

    Search CC Cleaner it cleans it but i dont think it removes...

    Try Avast anti-virus which offers a basic security program for free which I have. I actually witnessed it 'catch' a trojan horse' and deleted it. It has been effective so far. Im happy with it. Avast offers this because they market a more extensive security program for a charge but the free version is absolutely free and as I said before it's great!

    Grit Savage

    Halseyjr61 is absolutely correct! I had the free avast for a few years and it works fine, I upgraded to the paid version as i have a whole heap of PCs and laptops to look after now.

    None of the antivirus works now a days ,all the virus attacks are now been very powerful its been next to impossible to remove such virus,eighter you have to completely format your system or get your data lose.Check out this to know more


    FBI virus

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