unmarried marines having babies

    can a marine have a baby out of wedlock?

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    I'll leave this one for the funnier people. : )

    I think your question might be is a Marine disapplined for having a baby out of wedlock. The answer is no, unless the Marine is an officer.

    I can picture it now.A marine in a foxhole bullets flying overhead.And another Marine hollering push harder.

    Government benefits.

    one way toget outof the sevice

    Yes she can be pregnant and unmarried. I'm assuming this is a female marine that you are inquiring about. She will not have to marry, nor will she be discharged from the military for getting pregnant while unmarried. She will not be deployed for the length of her pregnancy and recovery period following the birth. She will also be put on light duty if and when she needs to be. The military tries to take care of the brave people who defend our great country.

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