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    What is the best diet anyone has ever been on? One that is feasible (no out of the ordinary foods)and really works.

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    Honestly, this works. I started this 10 months ago and have lost 90 pounds. The best part is it is simple. With moderate activity: if you want to weigh 150 pounds, eat under 1500 calories (desired weight X 10 = calories) So 150 lbs. X 10 = 1500. As long as you stay under your specific formula for calories, you will lose weight. Also try to run or walk on a treadmill 3 to 4 times a week for 30 to 45 min. Hope it works for you!

    I dunno but I have always heard that if someone stays on a diabetic diet and sticks to it they will lose weight.

    Having no money works great.

    I found that just by eliminating candy (especially chocolate) and bread from my diet I lost a lot of overweight, it's really that simple.

    slimming world is brilliant!you can eat loads of food on this diet,it certainly worked for me give it a go!

    I found that by simply avoiding alcohol for a while my weight loss was steady

    Eliminate any carbs you can: sugar (or dextrose, maltose, sucrose...anything with "...ose.") Get rid of white bread, potatoes, pasta, rice. Keep raw veggies and fruits, even those have carbohydrates, and eat whole grains sparingly. If you must drink, keep it to clear alcohols like Vodka, and try the flavored ones with seltzer water.

    Im currently dieting, and all ive done is cut out bread, and done some jogging a couple times a week, i havent weighed myself yet but already my trousers are feeling loser and im feeling better in myself.

    For the answer above, cutting out all carbs, the thing is with you tend to put weight on ( a couple of my friends have tried this diet and always put weight on ) as it stores the fat as your not giving it carbs

    Hope it helps

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