wats the best musical instrument to learn??

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    violin, love the music + the piano just love it
    too bad i'm not great at it

    That depends on your personal taste and on what you wanna do with music.

    The guitar and the piano are very versatile instruments. They are both melodic and harmonic, and allow you to play either solo or accompanying others, or even accompanying yourself while you are singing. You can play popular music on them or Jazz or classical music. They can be used for almost any style.

    String instruments work best in an ensemble, same as winds. Some winds, and also strings (except for the bass) are traditionally rather found in classical music and seldom in more recent styles, so your musical preferences may influence your choice of instrument.

    Singing can be learned both to work as a soloist, or in an ensemble, or also in a choir.

    So think of what you want: what style, alone or in ensembles, etc. Even the price of an instrument may have some weight in your considerations.

    Good luck and enjoy whatever instrument you choose.


    old grandad

    easy on the witeing mate

    Piano and more Piano! But study all of them! Happy listening and learning!

    Piano, violin, guitar, in that order would be my preferences. I only play guitar though.

    you should learn the keybord first so it will work up the finger muscles and then drums and then guiter

    hope this makes sense to u


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