If you feel on the fence about something, how should you decide which way to fall, it is a love issue where someone did me wrong and I am still hurting , but also in love with that person. But thinking fool me once shame on you , fool me twice shame on me

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    Three strikes you're out!
    " Pay attention the first time someone tells you who they are."
    Maya Angelou

    Wish I had known this when I was young,probably would not have paid attention because I was "gonna change them". :)
    We've answered this question 3 times now. Have you read the answers?
    ask your self...."is my life better or worse with,or without this person????"
    When we become "Love stupid" our emotions override rational thinking. We have all suffered from this at one time or another, making the wrong decision now will only cause more pain. Whatever that decision is, It's yours to make. Advise is cool but not carved in stone.

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