I'm bored!

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    I think when people find themselves bored, it is because they don't have enough important tasks to accomplish. I say "important" because there are always things to do; if we know there are all these things to do, and we are still bored, then we need a direction to go in, and things to accomplish to get there. Set a goal for yourself, whether it is to plan an event for someone, finish education, continue education, or be creative. So, whatever fires you up can be the starting point. For instance, one of my sons plays World of Warcraft, and has for over 6 years. He had built up his avatar to the point that there were no more goals for him in that way. So he was invited into leadership but, over time, got bored with the raiding. So, he is now writing articles for a game magazine. That interests him a lot, and it includes deadlines. He's fully engaged with what he is doing. He's no longer bored because he took something he loved and found a way to turn it into a side job. So, look at what you love, and envision taking that thing to a level that will give you the focus you need. Good luck!

    why yes I should... it would be great to sleep.


    want me to sing u to sleep?

    Awesome, lets be bored together!

    boop bop beep


    Find a hobby a job reading painting something.......

    6 hours ago you should have been fast asleep in bed !

    If you;re bored, then you're boring. Read a book, clean a closet, learn to paint, call a friend, take a walk

    im even bored of doing the things i find to do when im bored

    im bored to

    boop bop beep

    its a very bad feeling

    I think you are depressed,there is plenty of help out there.


    only boring people get bored

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