what is meant by dismissed without prejudice?

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    this is normally put in a buisness letter
    This is one of those lovely things that come out of the mouth of a judge or justice of the court system. Ugh!

    In short it means that the case was dismissed inconclusively. There may have been missing evidence or procedural requirements not met, and therefore the case could potentially be brought before the court again by the parties involved.

    This leaves the door wide open for someone who may have tried to sue you to once again attempt the same thing all over again.

    Sometimes a judge just cannot see his way through the issues of a law suit to make a definite decision for one or the other parties. Sometimes even in the best of circumstances, the evidence gets muddled and everyone including the judge gets a bit befuddled to put it nicely. We are after all human.

    Beware, if you hear this judgment regarding one of your own cases in court.

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