my son tried to commit suiside while in college. He was granted medical leave for the semester. Now the new college he is applying to wants a wriiten essay explaining this episode. What does he write in his essay?

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    Been honest is best.Cant go wrong that way.
    I really do think that you should get intouch with his Tutor and you must tell the truth as thuth is the best policy, and they will understand good luck for the future ps has he got a counceler if he has get incontact with they will help to forward this case
    First of all I believe the new college owes you some direction with this requirement. Speak to someone in admissions to get an idea of what is expected, how much detail is required. Yes, you must tell the truth, but I question how much information is adequate and how much is really not needed.

    More than anything, you must protect your child from being looked at or thought of in any way other than someone who has had issues and is moving forward now. He deserves to be treated like anyone else. Best of luck with this.

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