How come on previous times my medication has bee sent and now I have to pay for them,I DO HAVE MEDICARE AND ON A VERY LOW BUDGET?

    mMy medication is as follows: Vitamin D, Enampriel, Atenchloride
    Each medication is to control my condition. Dr. Radha Parachuri, M.D is my primary doctor. Dr.S. Ravi is my Cardiologist and my conditon can't be ignored. My appt' with Dr. Ravi is July 18th.

    Enampriel 10 mg twice two of these tablets Ampolpine once daily,Atenchloride once once daily. Help I need these medicines
    Vitamin D is needed as well. This isn't fair. Dr. Parachuri 586-573-9365/Dr. S. Ravi 586-661-4594 Thanks Henrietta PS Liberty stated not to send anymore prescriptions they won't be filled.

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    i got that new aarp coverage that was supposed to lower my co payments. instead the pharmacy i go nto is trying to charge me for co payments i never had to pay before on that product. ive been going round and round with the aarp people. they say its covered, the pharmacy sais no. im going to keep going until this is resolved or go back to medicare.

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