How would I find out if my deceased Mother left a Will or not?

    If I believe that my decesed Mother had a Will at the time of her death but was told by my brother she did not, without knowing who might have drawn it up (the Will) how would I be able to find out if she had one or not?

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    Did your Mom have an attorney - that's the 1st place I'd look. Or, I'd get a free consult with my own attorney and learn some facts.

    Contact the County Registrars Office. I think a copy of some wills are filed with the Registrars Office. If they don't know - maybe they can direct you to the proper office.

    Is your brother believable? Is he trying to pull the wool over your eyes? Is there something he wants but doesn't want to share with you?

    Have you looked through her belongings - do you have other siblings that can help you? There is nothing worse than sibling rivalry when it comes to inheritance.

    I'm sure my colleagues will come up with better answers. I bet that at least one of them has been through this. Hang on - someone else will be on line soon to help you too. Good Luck.


    My brother (only sibling)and my step father were the only ones that had access to my Mothers documents, I live out of the State where she died. I am very limited (money wise) to research this and have nothing to go by except that my brother apparently got everything and I was never notified that her estate went into Probate or that I even existed. My brother is not believable at all, or my step-father.
    If your mother did have a will, the attorney that drew it up would have the original. She would most likely have a copy in her paperwork, in order for the family to know that one actually existed.


    6dogs4us - thanks for all the TU's

    ask her friends, other family etc? if she didn't you and your brother should/will/may have to split everything i guess. try not to get lawyers or they'll get plenty of moms stuff

    As nice as it may seem that the family can just split everything up, it isn't going to happen. It can't happen. You must still seek the help of an attorney. Unless Mom turned everything she owned of value (i.e. house, car, stock and bonds etc.) over to sons or daughters in their name only, the Probate Court has to say that all is in order and then the estate can be divided up and settled. You can rest easy though, that the court, or the State will not get their hands on valuables and money, unless Mom was very wealthy and died without a will.

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