how can an 8 year old make money

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    Every year we have youths out selling things they grow in their own garden. They make a killing.

    ask 4 an allowance

    allowance is earned by doing good deeds. school wok house work and obeying parents. that is al a child has to do. as adults we have to work and earn our money. so this way we teach our children to get money you have to work for it.

    You can work around your house for money or do something to help nieghbors if you know them well enough..but i have a question ....why would you need to make money if your only 8 years old?

    Well my best answer is if you are a very responsibile honest hard working 8 year old if you live in a neighborhood, I am quite sure there are elderly or single people that would love to pay someone a reasonable price for like mowing the yard, raking leaves, helping out with simple things and be glad to pay a responsbile honest 8 year old for that. And you would be doing good to help others too. I know I am single and older and would love to have an honest 8 year old to pay to do some things around my home. Good luck and hope this helps.

    You could sort through all you old clothes and toys and ask mum/dad if you could do a car boot with them.
    Collect pine cones when they fall ,in September I got paid?5 for a bin bag full by a school teacher at car boot.
    Are you Arty? you could make greeting cards and sell them.
    Like firefighter dad I am curious to know why you want to earn money ,please would you let us know.

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