Men, would you change your wifes taste in clothes? The manner of her dress?

    Not under the dress, perverts.

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    My wife dresses very well and I couldn't suggest anything to improve her looks. Ed put a stipulation into the question that doesn't allow me to post my first thoughts, so guess I'll just have to leave it at that.
    ed shank

    As if she is going to listen to cant change a womens thinking. LOL
    ed shank

    I'm with you, they are a breed all their own. But I love them anyway.
    My wife does have good dress sense and does dress accordingly for different occasions. She does often ask my opinion also. So to answer the question - no i would not change my wife's dress code.
    ed shank

    Apparently your wife is checking your answers.
    Suggest never demand
    ed shank

    Brave man.
    My husband has no taste in clothes whatsoever, I wouldn't even consider what he might have to say past "you look nice, honey". He's bought me so many clothes over the years that have gone directly to the recycling bin down at the dump it isn't funny. I know he tries hard, but he just hasn't gotten the hang of it yet. Don't imagine he ever will.

    This is one of those instances where you take the good with the bad when you get married!

    I have never bought clothes for my wife other than the usual bits of nice underwear for Valentines day etc.. (us husbands really buy it for our benifit-lol). I would not at all be confidant in buying clothes for my wife. Full marks to your husband for trying!!

    Thank you Maz, I'm sure he would appreciate that. He really does try bless his little heart, but it's just not his forte.
    ed shank

    Frederic's of Hollywood in the recycle bin? Which one?
    ya id tell her to stay out of my closet.
    My wife likes colors, I prefer a dressed down look. She does tone it down somewhat for work. We had this conversation my years ago, and we went shopping. I chose a wardrobe that was appealing to me. It's probably still hanging in the closet some where, or maybe at Good will.

    I thuoght as
    ed shank

    I'm a man, what do I know?
    I had a resent funny, beautiful, resourceful, wonderful ex-girlfriend who just had such horrible taste in clothes. I have no idea what she was thinking? If I had the time or money I would hire her a personal shopper, but were not together now so she's on her own.

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