If i have a neighbor harassing me about things that arent illegal such as sitting in my yard having a bbq, how do i go about handling the harrasement if i dont even know his name?

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    My suggestion would be to go over and introduce yourself and ask him for his name in return. Ask him as nicely as possible why he is complaining about your BBQing. Perhaps he would rather you didn't do it in the front yard so that the smoke blows in his open windows. You'll never know for sure unless you ask.

    If he continues to be a pain, talk to the police and see if they will talk to him about his harassment of you.

    One this is for sure, don't be nasty to him or you'll never be able to resolve the issue.
    a good fence makes for great neighbors..
    he's probly hungery, and dose not have a grill, invite him over for a bbq.
    Sounds like you should start a journal and video of the harassment because it may not stop until you get a restraining order on him. Try all the other suggestions and I hope they work for you. Some percentage of the population have chronic bullies sickness which can only be cured by court order or police action. Be calm don't give them any reason to response without giving up your rights. Seek resolution and reconciliation instead of conflict. Having other people around too helps show you have friends and can bear witness on your behalf if necessary. Good Luck and if you do need legal help seek out a p law insurance policy you can get to enforce your rights and privacy for a monthly retainer or premium. Go to legal aid at the court house to find out about help etc. May you find peace and goodwill with your neighbor!
    Call the police and report that your neighbor is harassing you and disturbing your peace. That is against the law in case you were not sure.
    Surely having a BBQ in your own yard is not illegal! Neibourhood disputes can be notoriosly costly if they go to lawyers
    send him a picture of the results of a fire bomb at his house....signed "BBQ"

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