If you have two Doctorate degress how do you designate when signing your name?

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    You sign your name as usual. Phd can be used after the name in the setting of the university or other academy. Two doctorates usually means they are from separate universities but you wouldn't need to put two Phd-s behind the signature. And then there's this.....

     Holders of medical doctorates (medical, osteopaths, dentists, podiatrist, vets...) use Dr. (Name) professionally and socially.
        Holders of academic doctorates in academia and research usually do too. 
        Holders of academic doctorates outside of academia and research ... in corporate and business ... usually don't. E.g., every lawyer now-a-days is a JD ... doctor of jurisprudence, but none use Dr. ... and a holder of a doctorate in finance at a bank probably doesn't either.
        So the good news is that if it's a doctor and if he works at a college or in scientific research ... you can address  him as Dr. (Name) safely.
        And the bad news is with PhD's outside those arenas ... you will need to call to see what his or her preference is.
        The key is "the preference of the bearer" .... it's not up to me or you to decide when or if someone with a PhD is addressed as Dr.   If that's what he or she want's I will go along with it. A person's name belongs to them.


    After you name, you could put  M.D ; PHd. 

    Or if you have two different  doctorates, you could put ,  "  PHd and  ED d  "  for example


    I think you hit the nail on the head mcm!

    Thx for the positive feedback, Lindi. I don't get much of that.

    You are so welcome miss mcm! ;)

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