is it true that 'diet' drinks, with no sugar, actually make you fatter ?

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    This is what Dr. Katz on the Oprah show has to say about diet soft drinks:

    The studies suggesting diet sodas, or anything containing sugar substitutes, can contribute to weight gain are based almost entirely on animal research. What scientists have found is that a rodent's brain relies on the link between taste and calories to keep track of just how much eating has occurred. Sugar substitutes—saccharin, sucralose, aspartame, neotame, and acesulfame-K—unbundle the taste of sweetness from calories: The taste buds tell the brain that food is coming in, but the body doesn't get the energy it's expecting. This, apparently, undermines the ability of rats to judge how much they've consumed, and, over time, they begin to overeat and gain weight.

    The same mechanism may occur in people, too, but we don't yet know for sure. Though some human studies indicate sugar substitutes help with short-term weight loss, an equal number suggest they don't. My particular concern is that artificial sweeteners are 200 to 13,000 times as sweet as sugar, and that is a potent stimulus for turning a sweet tooth into a fang. Other research suggests that the taste of sweetness is mildly addictive—the more you eat, the more you need to feel fully satisfied. If artificially sweetened sodas increase your cravings, the calories they take out of your diet are apt to sneak back in later when you, for instance, need a larger or sweeter dessert to feel satisfied.

    Not only that, but artificial sugars are bad for your health. They can cause cancer.

    How right you are eggie. Studies show that so many of the artificial sweeteners on the market turn into nasty chemicals in our bodies such as formeldehyde. Yuk! Drink water and save your life.

    Notice in the above comment that because artificial sweetners "undermine the ability of rats to judge how much they've consumed" that "over time, they begin to OVEREAT and gain weight." The key word here is "overeat". I am at my ideal weight, and have been drinking artificially sweetened drinks for over 38 years. They do NOT automatically increase your craving for sweets! The reason I know this is because I know what it's like to be addicted to sugar. Years ago, I could eat a third of a 2-layer cake in one sitting. I finally got sick of being addicted to sugar, and weaned myself off of it. It is extremely rare for me now to ever have a craving for sweets, but I drink Crystal Light every day. Your weight will not increase unless you eat extra food along with the diet drink. I agree that the chemicals probably aren't the best for our bodies, but I don't like the taste of tap water. Given the choice, I'll consume water flavored with chemcicals, rather than no water at all. As far as the potency of artificial sweeteners, realize that even though they're hundreds of times sweeter than sugar, we also use one-hundredth of the amount, as compared to real sugar.
    Yes, it does make you fatter. Don't drink any soft drink.

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