how do i find voicemail on

    I would like to use voicemail from and I don't know how to do it

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    What is Mail with Voice?

    'Mail with Voice' is a great feature we've added to Yahoo! Mail.

    Now we'll alert you with an email when you have a new voice message left by someone making a PC call with Yahoo! Messenger with Voice.

    On the main Yahoo! Mail page, you'll see a message when someone has left you a new voice message. That means you don't have any excuses to not return those calls, do you?

    Hey, being in Yahoo! Mail doesn't mean that you're 'just in Mail' anymore!

    How do I check my Voice Mail?

    When you sign in to Yahoo! Mail, you will see whether or not you have any unheard messages on the Welcome page.

    If you have new voice mail, you will see that you have unheard messages.

    Simply click on the unheard messages link, and Yahoo! Messenger will open and display your voice mail in a new window.

    Simply select any voice mail to hear your message. You can reply to the voice mail with an instant message or by making a voice call.

    Do I need Yahoo! Messenger to check my Voice Mail?

    Yes, in order to check your voice mail, you will need Yahoo! Messenger with Voice. Sorry, but older versions of Yahoo! Messenger just will not work.

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