If You Had The Ability To Change One Law In The State You Live In, What Law Would You Change, Why?

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    To make the legal age to 21 before you can consume alcohol,it is way out of hand here in Australia,with the youth drinking to excess.
    Stop the Moose Hunt.
    ed shank

    Are they becoming endangered or are you just against the kill? I am overwhelmed with deer where I live. On any given day there could be as many as 30 deer on my property at one time. They have cost me thousands of dollars in plants and damages. I don't like killing any living creature by we here need to extend the deer hunting season.
    Make speeding legal-- I like to go fast, we are not allowed to go fast in California, this law must be changed because i am offended.. :)

    (Offended is a big word in CA, you can get anything you want if you tell 'em you're offended..)

    Ok, Vinny, tell them your offended, and if it is that easy, laws will change. Prob solved.

    I can't do it alone, 'a minority of one'. Must be a group of us standing on a busy corner with signs protesting limits on speed.. :)

    'Slow is for morons'

    Slow Blows

    'Speeding gets you there first'

    Going slow makes you late
    There a few signs for the protest.

    California law to serve jury duty. It should be an option, not, mandatory.
    Well I don't live in a state,in a province and if any law I want to change would be stop the tax on everything we purchase,let alone the tax off our earning.

    No Taxes! The people from your province would shower you with love, hugs and kisses. :-)

    Hey!I don't mind that,I'll take all three,kisses,love,&hug,and everything in between,I might just get elected.You'll be my first candidate Pam Big Hug TU.

    It not that I mind paying tax it just that there taxing us to death here in Canada.

    Thanks, back at ya...xoxo. :-)
    Out law the Gun culture. Far to many people been murdered, including school children.

    I agree. There are too many guns, too many people killed by them.
    Legalize marijuana, without a prescription.


    1. I like it.
    2. It makes me feel better physically and mentally
    3. It would bring-in a lot of revenue for the state.
    4. I think it should be a personal choice when done by an adult in a proper environment.

    i'm with you 100%
    the law of gravity wouldn't it be great to rise above!

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