are sexual fantasies normal?

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    Perfectly normal as long as it doesn`t lead to wrong behaviour, that is attempt to force your self on someone.

    The one exception to the above would be if you are a attractive female who is fantasising about me then it is quite OK to force yourself on me.

    you are a crack up for sure...i think you and i should go on america's got talent.

    Well franklin you pay the costs from Australia and back and you have a deal. We could call ourselves The USTRALIAN DUO.
    Yes these thoughts are considered normal as long as your thoughts are not in a depraived way.

    I didn't really want to go into the dark side,not on here anyway.All i can say is that there is a lot of sickos out there ,and some just might act on their fantasies.Does the word Paedophile ring any bells ?

    Umbriel, you're just a peeping tom. With your comments, this place will soon turn into a porn site.
    If it weren't for sexual fantasies I wouldn't be getting sex at all.. :)

    J/K.. I fight the women off with a big stick. LOL


    Not what I heard Vinny, weeny weiner.
    Phew ... i'm normal!
    WHEW, I'm normal too !!!!
    as long as their'e about me!
    Yes. Everybody has them; and if you don' should . They make life more interesting and make sex more exciting-----especailly if you partner plays along with you
    Depends on the fanitsy.. if it is with an living breathing consentual adult.. ABSOLUTLEY!!!! But if it involves a child animal or dead person.. you need to seek psyciatric help.. Not judging, but these thoughts are not normal.
    Do you have sexual fantasies? I do too!....too much.. ;-p

    Just level up the balance between fantasy and reality, you will be fine.
    I assume we all have had a fantasy at one time or another. Perhaps it fills a void in the intimate part of a relationship that's missing.

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