Who has the highest average karma points per Q&A's?

    Mine is 16.7 points per Q&A. Take your total number of karma points and divide it by the total of you Answers plus Questions.

    Just for fun people! No boasting!

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    "Just for fun" Uh huh. I'm not fooled and I know what this is about. This means nothing and is not the proof you seek.
    When a person sticks to only one topic and especially a topic that sells and gets easy karma by the mere mention of God, Christianity, worship, hallelujah, God bless, amen, you know you're going to get TU's just for posting those words. I actually tested this theory once and was proven right. Now take someone like me. I answer questions concerning every topic imaginable. I answer the questions no one else wants to answer because they are boring or are ones that you know for sure the asker isn't going to come back for. I can answer 100 questions in a day from people who are brand new members and I might (if I'm lucky) get 2-5 (tops) people come back and give me a thank you or a TU. Now if I were to stick to one topic that sells and answer nothing else at all or post questions about one topic that sells and ask no other questions at all that are not of that topic, I bet I could have a good ratio too but considering 70-80% of my answers never see the asker come back, I lose out on points because of that. So in the end, just to play your game for you, this is my ratio for the 16 hours a day i spend here trying to help EVERYONE (not just the Christian ones) who come seeking an answer: 8.17 but I'm sure you already checked it out.


    Aww.. Colleen dont sell yourself short... I am Christian and you help me out all he time. It is true that this "ratio" is squewed. There are many answers that are never seen, and ppl who stick to a certian topic (any certian topic) are going to answer less and be recognzed for their answers more often. Where as ppl who are across the board answerers are going ot be less noticed wit hsuch a wide veritity od questions and askers.

    Karma -35: Benthere has voted down your answer

    Vote down what answer? I didnt notice....

    He voted this comment of mine down, lol. Guess he didn't like me calling out his Christian friend on his sneaky tactic to try and prove to me more people like his answers and questions than they do mine. This stems from a mild argument he had with me in another thread.

    Colleen, Colleen, really has nothing to do with our little rif. I just thought it would be interesting. As you can see, my average is in the low category as well. I do find it fascinating that spaceghost is so high! 51% and spaceghost has a high karma score. Are you saying that spaceghost is pretty much sticking with one or two topics? I see your point though, if you are answering all of those riddiculus questions then that is why your average is low. I wouldn't bother with half of the dumb questions I see posted. Computer time is to short for me and that is why I basically just stay on the topic I like...religion.

    I'm giving you a "Best Answer" click and a Thumbs Up!

    And Benthere, I think you should cancel the TD vote, it's actually a good answer, except for the FoG is up to no good thought.

    I see, it was all just a matter of timing. Gotcha. As for SpaceGhost, he gives a lot of answers people like no matter what topic he's in. He's pretty well rounded when it comes to different topics.
    I think the karma points are a good incentive, and a fun way of repaying someone for their time and effort.I dont know the maths on working out how we achieved them .Its just nice to know that people are aware that you are here.
    31 points per Q&A

    Good job! TU

    TU to U!
    51 points per Q&A.

    Wow! That is really good!

    Thank you very much.
    You are all more than welcome to do the math on mine but karama is just not why I am here. I like to learn and think and share. I almost dont like the karma system. Sometimes it seems to be more of a pissing contest. I would rather have a Thank you or a reply... Not to say I dont appriciat the karma the you have seen fit to give me.. I just dont know how "fair" it is when I see it layed out like this.

    Hey Vinny! I thought I was doing pretty good at 16.7 lol.......some of these guys are blowing us away! I'm giving you a TU to help you out! lol.
    im guessing leeroy has the highest...

    I'm not even close, it's only around twenty. I just blab to much, but thanks for the compliment.
    I agree with Colleen...
    I don't even understand the Karma thingie.. Sometimes I go up, sometimes i go down, its a cool roller coaster ride. I try to answer questions as much as i possibly can, some are just too dumb to fool with, some are ~way~ over my head, I don't go to those.

    i didn't know that if you answer and the auther doesn't reply it goes against you.. That's silly.

    Some forums have 'post counts' On my forum I am with the highest count but this hardly makes me the smartest person there.. as a matter of fact, I'm the forum patsy, I get ridiculed every day and picked on.. If I didn't, i would think they don't like me anymore.. LOL-- Some have already been here, they have also been banned already... HA!!

    "i didn't know that if you answer and the auther doesn't reply it goes against you.. That's silly. "

    It doesn't go against you. You just don't get any points. I was just saying that by using this "formula" here, then they would in a sense work against me because the karma I do have has to be stretched to cover all the answers I gave that never received a TU. That causes the percentage to drop when the "formula is used and questions that received no points can not be removed from the equation. None of what FoG posted here has anything to do with the forum karma system so do not try and make sense of anything here ;)

    No silly.. She didnt mean they are personally goig against her... She ment that it lowers her average. ( well the average she would get from the why Friend Of God did it)... ANd I think Colleen is above average... :)

    Oh.... ok, I'll go with that, still don't get it though.. S'ok, I'm a slow learner..

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