Is flirting texts considered cheating if they have been hidden from other person of the couple

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    If you are aware that the texts are of a flirting nature and you are responding back the same way,well i would say that somethings going on between the two parties.
    What do you think? Anytime someone is hiding something there is a reason. I would call it deception that could lead to cheating, but I am not you and what I think does not matter. If it bothers you, confront it and do something about it. There is no standard definition of cheating that you can refer to (thank you, Mr. Clinton for that clarification), other than catching people in the act (and even then some people will try to deny it) - that is up to you and your significant other. If you "consider" it cheating then it is.
    Yes it is.
    It depends on the other person how she/he takes it.
    watch it ,if you are with someone great ,like me,do not blow it...

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