I was a Pharisee, I eagarly hunted down Christians and hauled them off to prision, who am I?

    I watched as they stoned Stephen,a Christian, and I consented unto his death as I held the clothes of those who slew him.

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    saul later renamed paul , perhaps the greatest apostle of all..
    Saul is his HEBREW name PAUL is his ROMAN name when SAUL became a MESSIANIC JEW he started to use his ROMAN name PAUL the name means humble one
    What is so fascinating about Paul is that He had it all! He was a Roman citizen, freeborn he said, meaning that he did not have to earn it as some did, but was born a Roman. Rome was the super power of the era. If you were a Roman you had superiority over all other people groups.

    Paul was also a Jew. This gave Paul another advantage, for the Jews were allowed to govern themselves on their own religious matters, it was like we enjoy having freedom in our religion here in the USA, but back then only the Jews religion experienced this freedom, and not because Rome recognized God in any way, but because the Jews did well at paying the Roman authority bribes and helping them sway the people as the Roamns seen fit.

    Not only was Paul a Jew, but Paul was also a Pharisee within the Jews religion and not just any old Pharisee but a top ranking Pharisee, having power and priviledges of the highest regards.

    So it begs the question...why would a man who has achieved such a high place of honor and recognition in the society in which he lived, one could say he had it all, he had it made, why would such a man throw it all away, trade it if you will, to embrace riddicule, persecution and the outcasting from the top position one could hold within his religion?

    Paul claimed Jesus met him while on the road to Damascus to round up some more Christians for prison. Jesus asked Saul, "why do you persecute Me". Did Saul really meet Jesus that day? Well after that day Saul stopped hunting down Christians and gave up his position as Pharisee. After that day Paul began preaching Jesus Christ and Him crucified for the forgiveness of sins. After that day Paul would take severe beatings because he preached Jesus is Lord, he was stoned on three seperate occassions and let for dead. Several times he was punished with 39 lashes accross the back and he spent many days and months in prison, shackled to a wall, all because of that one day he said Jesus met him and spoke with Him.

    Quite a powerful piece of history recorded in Paul's life as just one piece of evidence for a risen Lord! Something turns this man's life upside right for Jesus Christ. Once he set out to have Christians killed and Christianity snuffed out, but then a complete 180 and he begins preaching Jesus is risen from the dead and suffers tremendusly for his new found belief and way of life.

    Does it make any human sense for one to give up a life of wealth and priviledge for prision and persecution for no good reason? I believe Paul had a good reason and that Jesus must have met him just as he said He did for Paul to have such a change of life.

    Fascinating indeed!

    truely a remarkable person is right , if we all could be more like saul, what a glorious world we'd be in

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