How can you get karma on akaQA

    i have none!

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    It is how we keep tract of who gives good honest answers, if you get a good answer give a thumb up and that gives the person karma points if you give a thumbs down it will take them away but you will lose some also so use wisely. OK to give a funny answer a TU too. Don't forget to click thumbs up ONCE to thank those nice people. Clicking twice doesn't double it, it takes it back.
    Headless Man

    You have some now, give me some back.
    Here is one from me as well,its all happening.Your on a roll.
    one more from me dont spend it all in one place
    More from me.Good Luck!
    See Santa does come in June also, Welcome to akaQA!!
    And 1 from me. Enjoy
    Theres some.
    I gave you one also, be good!
    We really need to stop promoting funny answers as a reason for karma. I'm beginning to see more funny answers than good valid answers to questions. We are a question answer forum first, comedy central second. Funny answers should get no more than a thank you. Real valid answers should get the TU. The purpose of the karma is to reflect the members who give the best and truest answers, not the funniest or cutest. Otherwise, the whole reason for this ask a question, receive and answer forum (not discussion board even though discussion is more than allowed)becomes a joke and will deter people who truly want to help from staying here and becoming active helpful members. A couple people have sent me a message telling me they've left the forum because of this. If you think about it, you might begin to realize a couple members are missing. Karma needs to be earned through good positive effort and through giving correct and valid or well thought out answers. Not because someone asks for it or asks about it or makes a funny comment. The admin have set a point for karma to be achieved before a new member can begin giving thumbs down. That limit is in place because it gives the new member time to learn and understand the proper and responsible way to handle their ability to give and take away karma. They've done this to try and combat the problem of new members getting fast karma so they can go around giving thumbs down because they think it's funny to mess with others karma points or because they do not know the members enough here to know they are here because they truly want to help others. By giving TU's just because someone asks for them or about them is being counter productive to what the admins are trying to accomplish here. Now I know there are those of you who will not agree with this and who will not like this but that is the true purpose of the karma system. As the moderator of this forum, I feel I need to put this out there. This does not mean do not have fun. Have fun for sure, joke and have a good time but please be responsible with the idea that the actual answer to the question should be the one at the top of all other comments, not the jokes or the puns. I see a lot of real answers get ignored because someone makes a funny and receives the TU's. I know this effects the person who took the time to find the answer because I've gotten the private messages from them. Do I like having to post out comments like this? No because I know I'm going to get flack for it but as the moderator it is one of my duties to do so. I'll take what comes but this had to be said.

    Thanks for putting this out there Colleen,i have noticed a lot of unnecessary coments made to the author ,we have to assume that the questions getting posted are genuinely in need of a genuine answer.Some people here(not a lot)jump in and are quick to put the author down and or make fun of them.Some of the answers and comments are uncalled for,it can be an embarrasment for the Forum.

    I agree Colleen... I hope that ppl come here to asks questions and are guinuinly interested in finding a solid answer. I think the idea of giving Clever and witty comments a Thank you and serious answers a TU is a great idea.. That will keep the seroius answer as the top answer. And we can still enjoy all of the colorful personalities on the site. But I think the questioner would appreciate seeing the factual answers first.. Thanks Colleen.

    @ Pythonlover and to all members,

    Something that all members of akaQA need to understand is that each and every member is a moderator in their own right here. Everyone has the ability to moderate the reposes made by other members. If you see a comment you think is posted just to make fun of the person who ask the question, you have every right to say something to that person. If they retaliate on you by offending you or attacking your karma, report them and an admin will handle it. I actually had someone today ask me if they could say something to a person who had posted an offensive comment to someone they felt had asked a valid question, they asked because they weren't sure if they had the right to say something...the answer is yes, every member here has that right. We are a community and this forum is moderated by it's members. I understand that we receive questions that just can't be answered, those we have fun with. It's OK to have fun with those. Or there are questions that are posted by someone just trying to trash the forum, those we can have fun with. Be witty, joke around, have fun with them because they will be removed anyway. I think we all know the difference between real questions and silly/dumb questions. Example, something like, "I placed my order with you 3 months ago and you haven't sent my items yet!" Something like this would be answered with, "you are on the the wrong site" but you can have fun with it too. One night there were two members messing around in just such a question. It was harmless and fun. They were pretending like they were in different departments of the business and they were sending messages back and forth about the order blaming each other for the items not being shipped out. There was nothing offensive in it, they weren't making fun of the person who asked but they were having fun and it was all very humorous, again nothing the person who asked could take offense to. Number one, have fun, number two, be respectful, number three answer the valid questions with valid answers, number four give credit for the correct answers, number 5 work together and create a good community, number six, have fun.

    OK, update on this. I've never used the thank the author button, I did just now and found out it acts just like a TU. It gives +15 and a +1 rating.
    I agree with you, Colleen, and thanks for bring that up. I think most of us know when to be funny and when to be serious. But here is what I think a real problem is as far as Karma goes.

    Recently, I've been thinking that many times TUs are wasted. And I know I am a part of it. I confess, sometimes, I feel obligated to give a TU to a person who gave me one, or I give a TU expecting a return, I admit. I wasn't comfortable with what's going on. At times, we give TU's just because we like the person, not really necessary the answers are good and helpful.

    Like you said, "Karma needs to be earned through good positive effort and through giving correct and valid or well thought out answers."

    Let's all be more careful and sincere about giving TUs.

    This is the same issue that has been brought to me by others so you are not alone. There is a member here who is uncomfortable with the TU's received because they do not feel like they earned them all. With enough people saying something, this is why I decided I had to bring it to the members. We can only do our best to make the system work as it was designed to work. Thanks Vinny :)

    You're welcome, Jenn! ;-)
    I AM going to start a new trend.. I am going to thank funny answers and TU serious ones... I kinda think that is a great idea... Anyone wanna join me?

    I'm with you!

    Well, I will still give a TU to a funny answer if it's appropriate, related to the question.

    I knew I could count on you!!!! Lots of love!!!!

    Quote Schubee "Well, I will still give a TU to a funny answer if it's appropriate, related to the question."

    There's nothing wrong with that. Some questions are designed to receive funny answers. We need the fun ones too ;)

    Yes Shu is a smart one.. Gotta love em... Thanks for the inspiration Colleen.

    OK, update on this. I've never used the thank the author button, I did just now and found out it acts just like a TU. It gives +15 and a +1 rating.

    Well hell that defeats the porpuse of my little plan...
    And one from me so you can frame it.
    I am giving ririri a TU for bring so much to light... even if it was unitentional it was a great starting piont!!!
    I have just given you a TU
    Karma: 210

    Pretty good haul for just asking how to get karma.

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