why is diabetes on the increase

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    people are eating more crap and munufactures are meeting that demand..
    Type II diabetes is usually inherited, it doesn't show up until you are an adult. It wouldn't rear it's ugly head if people were more health conscious. Eating good food, exercising every day, staying away from the McDonald's and Burger King.

    My husband, his brother, and father can all testify to that. His mother died four years ago of complications from Type II Diabetes.

    The above is true. I have been a diabetic as an adult for 15 years. My father was diabetic. I now take insulin instead of oral medication. Diabetes is attacking my heart and my kidneys now. It only gets worse. Diet, low fat,unprocessed carbs and lots of fiber can and will prevent the onset but once you have it, there is no cure.
    Let me add that there is about a dozen or more different bacteria enzymes in your gut. When your concentrations become low you get sick. But doctors dont tell you that do they.
    I was diagnosed as Type 2 at age 62, I am not overweight but simply getting older increases the likelihood. I also have a genetic link with the disease.
    All people over 55 should get a test, because in the early stages there may be no symptoms,
    I take the pills , exercise, and eat sensibly and live normally as a result.

    1) In herited

    2)over weight

    3) no know reason

    I'm sure there are more reasons, I just don't know them.


    too many porkie assed kids.look at their parents and see how they got that way.

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